• Blake Boone

    Blake Boone

    Blake Boone is the ghost of Jack's father. Hale and hearty in appearance, Blake was a handyman prior to his death in the fire.
  • Disembodied Eye Spirit

    Disembodied Eye Spirit

    To those who can see spirits, this spirit appears to be an eye peering through folds within reality. It has no 'back', and continually appears to face whomever is looking at it.
  • Jack Boone

    Jack Boone

    Jack Boone is a child at the foster house that is ran by Denise Lawler and Linda Grayson
  • Judith Boone

    Judith Boone

    The ghost of Jack Boone's mother. She seems to be in a continual repeating loop, lacking any memory beyond the moment, nor is she aware that she is dead.