House Rules

Creative Thaumaturgy -

I love it when people come up with new spells! However, I do have a few things regarding the process. First, we can’t do them on the fly. Mage’s magic system – no matter how streamlined White Wolf says they made it – continues to be a complex system. So, I ask that people submit their creative thaumaturgy suggestions to me and I’ll work with them to create the spell or I’ll come back with suggestions on how to accomplish it. The earlier I can get the spell the sooner I can clear it. Added spells will be listed on this wiki.

Imbued Items and Artifacts -

Creating your own magical items is great, but just like creative thaumaturgy I need some time to review them before they can be put into service. It’s pretty easy to come up with a pretty complex concept for an imbued item and there is always more than one way to accomplish it. It often pays to give it some thought to try and find the best route to accomplishing the goal on these.

Purchases -

I won’t really be presiding over XP purchases or anything. I would like to be let know what’s being bought, but I expect that everyone will make their own judgement call on whether their purchase is appropriate. If there is a desire to acquire things that aren’t particularly easy to pick up in between sessions (like hallows), then let me know and we can work it into the story.

Arcane Experience -

This is more of a notice that it’s possible to acquire Arcane Experience. The rules for spending it are in the Core MtA book, should I award it to anyone. That is all.

House Rules

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