Theme: Past Mistakes

It was humanity and by extension the Awakened that drove out, dispersed, oppressed, and killed many of the natives of the lands within Texas. They believed this land to be untouched and without history, a white sheet on which to paint their likeness. To form a brand new world with the trappings of the old world from which they came. They deserved it after all, for their travels were not easy and their trials were many in their homelands. What they didn’t see until it was too late, was that this land had its own history, and no matter what the usurpers tried to do to make it their own, its history would belong to the natives and its secrets would be lost with them.

Using the more advanced culture and its power, the foreign nations shattered the natives. Aside from some religious writings etched carefully into stone by priests who were often the only individuals capable of writing, the native cultures of the area did not have for themselves written history. It is for this reason that with every death of the individuals of these cultures, a piece of very real knowledge was lost to the people that came into this land. Over the span of many years doors to the past were closed, locked, and the keys were lost. Some dangerous secrets were forgotten and deep threats were left to slumber without the watchful eyes of those who knew what they were. This was acceptable to the incomers. They were fleeing their own pasts and felt that they could leave both behind safely. They looked forward to finding their own ways and methods. As time passed, however, the Awakened found that the land was unpredictable and alien in design. They found themselves at a great disadvantage within the supernatural landscape and often their works failed them when they should have succeeded. The Twilight was filled with unidentifiable creatures and the Shadow realms continued to reflect a world that did not include the settlers with spirits that did not resemble anything found at home. Eventually it became apparent, the Awakened were in a strange land and they had eliminated nearly every avenue of coming to understand it.

Theme: More than One Way

America is a land of differing opinions, and the Awakened are all about having their own outlooks on the world around them and their own understandings of the laws that govern that world and the magic that they utilize. However, despite the prevalence of European Mages and their beliefs within Texas, all of the historical remains and all of the magic that is recovered from within Texas deep within the earth is not of that world. The minority of Texas know this magic better, but they’ve been marginalized and are unlikely to explain it to many.

Theme: The Path That is Closed

The supernatural history of Texas is alien to almost all Awakened that live within its geography. Because of the large loss of native Awakened, it is believed that the knowledge of the land was completely lost. Remaining natives that have awakened have largely forgotten the knowledge that had been imparted as people died without time to pass the legacies on. Those that do know even the smallest shards of the truth of the land are shadows, these people largely exist outside of the population and distrust the Awakened community of Texas as usurpers of their lands and the resources found within.


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