Welcome to Encinal

Encinal is a small outpost on the edge of society in the middle of nowhere, Texas. The population consists entirely of people who know how to get by. The landscape is so flat that lost tires have no ‘downhill’ toward which to roll. The dust blows so hard on days that many of the store signs have been stripped entirely of their paint and have a unhealthy case of rust gathering up and down them. The average Joe would say that nothing much happens here, but then again the average Joe has nothing else to compare against. People don’t stay out on moonless nights. They don’t stare into the shadows of the tool shed looking for the ‘critter’ that’s hiding there. In any case, it’s a relatively safe place for a small group of the Awakened to forge out. Far from the influence of others of their kind… isn’t it?

A Broken White Line

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